Sins of the Preacher’s Wife (2023 Lifetime)


Sins of the Preacher’s Wife (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Anna Marie Dobbins, Jason Cook, Vanessa Angel, Judson Mills

Director: Glenn Ciano

Writer: Kendall Anlian

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

In a new town with a new baby and a husband who has to work all the time, a young mom gets involved with the highly popular local church. The preacher’s wife welcomes her with open arms, and she enrolls her baby in the church’s daycare which is run by the preacher’s wife. Slowly but surely, it seems as though the preacher’s wife is taking over as the baby’s main caregiver and framing the new mom as an unfit mom. Stars Anna Marie Dobbins, Vanessa Angel, Judson Mills, and Jason Cook (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts. 

Beth paints a landscape in a relaxing meadow while talking to her (daughter/Sister/Mother/BFF) Cassie. She is actually talking to herself because Cassie is dead in the woods from an apparent overdose. 

Beth drives to the new town of Willovale with her handsome therapist husband, Dan, and Cassie’s daughter, who has been left in Beth’s custody. The town is 8 miles from civilization, and Beth is creeped out; she takes out her stress on her husband. Dan tells his wife to get out into the community… Church?

Beth meets a weirdo man wearing overalls at the grocery store parking lot. He tells her to leave town because she doesn’t belong. The overall man tells Beth that bad things will happen to her and her family. The sheriff pulls up and takes the overall man’s side. 

Beth tells Dan that she wants to move, and he pops off on her. He tells Beth that she is overreacting and worries about money. Dan suggests Beth go to therapy for her panic attacks. (Their relationship and matching wardrobe hues stress me out!)

The therapist is the stereotypical guy with sideburns and a bowtie. He talks to Beth; She is not forthcoming about what happened with Cassie and rushes out of the office and almost walks into traffic. A woman named Marion grabs her before it is too late and takes Beth to the church for some ice.

Marion is the preacher’s wife, and she is obsessed with lesser-known fairytales. Marion also runs the church daycare and suggests Beth bring her daughter. 

Beth paints to fill the time alone in her house and has constant flashes of Cassie’s body in the woods. She thinks she sees someone lurking in the bushes and calls Dan. Dan doesn’t believe his wife until she hears someone in the house. 

Beth grabs a meat cleaver and opens the front door to protect herself. It is Marion with a poppyseed pie. Marion validates Beth’s concerns by helping her look in the bushes for a Peeping Tom. Then they eat pie and have girl talk. Dan comes home and is annoyed. 

The family visits the church and meets Pastor Jim. He preaches about “Not being into the Chruch thing.” for Dan’s benefit. Afterward, Marion and Beth drink communion wine (I’m assuming), and Beth opens up about her FRIEND (cleared that up finally) Cassie dying. 

Pastor and his wife grow close to the couple, and they have dinners/BBQs together. Marion helps play with Beth’s daughter, and slowly Beth feels more like a part of the town. She even stops painting her creepy ass paintings. (due to painter’s block, I think? Is that a thing?) This montage lasts wayyyyyyy too long. 

Marion tells Beth that she can’t have kids while on a walk. Beth also shares that she couldn’t have kids but adopted Anna after Cassie’s OD. 

Through a flashback, we see young Beth and Cassie being best friends. Then Cassie got into drugs and disappeared, only to come back later. Cassie was a lesbian and in love with Beth, but Beth was in love with her brother. Then Cass died the next day. (Sooo, wait, Anna wasn’t Cass’s daughter.) Marion listens and says vague platitudes like “crying is for the weak.” and “Grab was you deserve” or whatever.

Feeling unburdened, Beth has sexy time with Dan on a WICKER COUCH. While they do, Marion sneaks into the nursery window and watches the baby. When Dan comes to check on the baby, his dadbod on full display, Marion hides. 

Marion brings over another pie and offers to watch the baby. Beth turns her down and starts locking the nursery window when she finds it open.

Dan gets a drink with Pastor Jim. When the pastor goes to the bathroom, an intense woman frantically tries to warn Dan not to trust the preacher and his wife. Her warnings go unheeded because the pastor roofies Dan. 

In the middle of the night, Beth hears someone outside again and grabs that meat cleaver. It is just a wasted Dan and Pastor Jim. Dan drunkenly tries to tell Beth about the intense woman while raiding the fridge and drinking water from the tap. 

Pastor Jim sneaks upstairs, unplugs the baby monitor, and takes the baby outside while Marion calls the sheriff to say that Dan and Beth are unfit parents. He also steals Beth’s phone and hides drugs in the toilet. 

Beth realizes her daughter is gone and can’t find her phone. She realizes that Marion and Pastor Jim want her baby. Beth leaves Dan passed out with his fried chicken and runs to the woods to look for her daughter. 

Marion takes the baby to an abandoned shed that she and Jim were going to build into their dream home. Marion drugs the baby to stop her from crying. 

The sheriff shows up arrest Dan who wakes up and freaks out after piecing it all together. 

Beth runs to the shed and is followed by the creepy overall guy. Is he Jim’s son? Or at least working with them to get rid of Beth. We see another flashback, and it seems that Marion stole the creepy overall guy/Boyd when he was a child. Boyd tries to call the sheriff

Beth tries to reason with Pastor Jim, but he tells Beth that she can’t stop Marion from getting what she wants. Then he drops a “Goddamnit.” before Beth punches him in the face and grabs her baby!

Love, Love, Love that Beth takes the time to put the baby in her car seat slowly. It gives Marion enough time to walk up casually and deliver her villain monologue. Marion has a criminal past and is upset that the adoption agencies won’t let her have a child. The two women fight, and just as Marion is about to stab Beth, Creepy Overall Guy/Boyd jumps between Beth and the knife. Marion cries because she killed her baby. 

The police show up, now wanting to help Beth and her family. WHATEVER! 

The family moves to a place not in the middle of nowhere and nowhere near the woods. 

Side Note/Stray Thoughts

What is Poppyseed pie? 

The pastor wore a pinky ring; what’s up with that? 

Minority Report: Intense Woman

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