The Bachelor Next Door (2017 Lifetime)

The Bachelor Next Door (2017 Lifetime)

Cast:  Michael WelchHaylie DuffBrittany Underwood

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Gavin and Alex have never met the mysterious man who moved in next door. But one day, while Alex is home alone, their house catches on fire. Suddenly, a strange man kicks in the door, extinguishes the fire, and saves Alex. Meet: Donnie–the neighbor. To pay Donnie back for his heroics, they invite him to a barbecue to meet some of the other neighbors. He also meets Alex’s sister, Sage, and the two have instant chemistry. But Donnie becomes progressively more threatening and peculiar, and Gavin’s suspicions start to mount. Did Donnie set the fire? Digging deeper, Gavin discovers Donnie has a secret past and must find a way to prove it. But Donnie has set his sights on his ultimate prize: Alex. Gavin and Alex must work together to unravel Donnie’s twisted motives for wreaking havoc on their lives… before it’s too late


Haylie Duff is a college sorority girl, a role she was born to play. Her sisters try to get her to go out for the big game, but Haylie Duff stays home in sweatpants. It appears she has trauma after being almost raped. She locks the doors and lays in bed. Someone comes and watches her sleep. Clearly, Haylie Duff has a reason to be rattled; she has a stalker. 

Flash to the present day, Haylie Duff is a grown-ass woman/artist and has a handsome husband named Gavin. (He is a banker and works with a hottie named Jess who he used to date.) They notice a new neighbor moving into the neighborhood. (Never a good sign in a Lifetime movie.) 

The new neighbor comes over sooner than expected. He rushes over to put out an electrical kitchen fire. His name is Donnie (Perennial Lifetime Villan.) Then he says the title of the movie, so points for that! Donnie is a hero and Haylie Duff invites him to a party. Gavin is suspicious and stops by Donnie’s house and finds a bunch of photo equipment. 

At the party, Haylie Duff’s little sister… Hilary Duff. Just kidding, her name is Sage, and she looks more like Shakira. Sage hits it off with Donnie. Donnie hits it off with all the ladies, for some reason. (He isn’t my style.) Donnie visits Gavin at work and gets financial advice. 

Haylie Duff begins to worry about Sage when she doesn’t return her calls. Donnie brings over a new surge protector and steals the hide-a-key to make a copy. Haylie Duff suspicions rise when she hears Donnie shouting and sees him punching walls. The stress is getting to her, and Gavin suggests they go “to the cabin.” 

At the cabin, which looks more like an average house, Haylie Duff is surprised to see Sage is there… WITH DONNIE. The two couples have dinner, and Donnie opens up about his rough childhood and being a shy kid. He inherited a large amount of money when his parents died and is watching aunt/Uncle’s house. 

After dinner, Gavin proposes to Haylie Duff. (Oh, they weren’t already married?) Sage and Donnie celebrate by having sexy time, and Donnie accidentally calls her Haylie Duff or “Alex.” Sage is disgusted and kicks Donnie out of the cabin. Sage tells Haylie Duff what happened and angrily leaves the cabin.

Back in LA, Haylie Duff confronts Donnie about what happened, and he says it was all a misunderstanding. Gavin starts to look into things and finds some articles about Donnie and a car accident. He also calls the neighbors to see when they are coming back and how long their “Nephew” will be stating. 

Haylie Duff is doing some research too. She thinks her husband is cheating on her. She finds an earring in the laundry basket and an email from Jess. (They are plants from Donnie.) When Haylie Duff cried to Donnie about the affair, Donnie confirms her fears and says he saw them together. Gavin comes home and literally throws Donnie out. (Haha! It was hilarious.) 

Gavin trails Donnie and gets arrested for stalking. Haylie Duff, meanwhile, goes over to Donnie and finds walls full of pictures of her. The computer has surveillance footage of Haylie Duff and Gavin getting it on. He is her stalker. 

Donnie catches Haylie Duff in his house, knocks her out, and takes her to the cabin. Donnie goes into his villain monologue and admits to setting everything up. (Cameras, the fire, the photos.) Donnie stalked her in college, and they even had a class together. We see a long flashback with voice over. She never really cared about him and turned down his advances. Donnie even stopped the man who attempted to rape her and go his ass kicked as Haylie Duff ran away. The fact that she wouldn’t remember this man, is ludicrous. 

Donnie feels that Haylie Duff owes him something. Haylie Duff apologizes for not remembering him. He is very frustrated, and it is funny. Like, Haylie Duff/Alex is so self-obsessed that she wouldn’t remember any of this. 

One more twist happens, Gavin also went to college with Haylie Duff and witnessed the rape but didn’t stop it. Well, he was on campus and saw the assailant getting away and was questioned by police. Gavin denies everything and shoots Donnie, but Donnie doesn’t die. Haylie Duff then shoots him in the head. 

One year later, Haylie Duff and Gavin get married. Her wedding dress is hideous. They obviously move to the cabin and away from The Batchelor Nextdoor.

Side Note

Minority Report: Jess, Receptionist, Sage

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ (3 Knives, added an extra for Haylie Duff.)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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