Evil Doctor (2018 Lifetime Movie)

Evil Doctor

Stars: Dina Meyer, Jen Lilley, Corin Nemec and Lindsay Hartley

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Matt and Aubrey, a young and successful show-business couple, are having their first child. Based on a friend’s recommendation, they go to the best OBGYN in Los Angeles, Dr. Natalie Barnes. She is gorgeous, fit, and intelligent… but Natalie is not the hero she seems to be. She switches sonograms and lies to Aubrey about her needing bed rest, effectively putting Aubrey out of the picture as she attempts to seduce Matt. Dr. Barnes has been repeatedly failing to get pregnant and has her sights set on Aubrey’s baby.


We start off in 1975, and see a young nurse (or lady dressed like a nurse.) stealing a baby from the hospital. She brings the baby to her boyfriend waiting in the getaway car; they actually have southern accents, unlike Hallmark movies.

Now in the present day, we meet Aubrey, who announces that she is pregnant at a party. Her husband, Matt, is a little less than thrilled because this baby is going to interfere with his screenwriting job. Aubrey decides to get a new doctor because she comes highly recommended. Dr. Barnes is blonde and wears glasses. She also is instantly drawn to Matt because he reminds her of her father.

Flash back to the ‘70’s for a montage of little Natalie (Dr. Barnes) being taken away from her “parents” by the cops. Her mother is shot and father is seriously resisting arrest.

Back in the present, we learn that Dr. Barnes is trying to get pregnant via IVF and having a hard time. She calls Aubrey back for another “pap” and slips some pill (or tracking device?) inside her. Which is really disturbing!!!!!

Since it is Lifetime, we get a sex scene. Also, since it is Lifetime, we immediately get a terrifying next morning where the bed is covered in blood and Aubrey appears to be miscarrying. Matt and Aubrey rush to Dr. Barnes office (not the ER…) where she first sluts shames them for having sex and then puts Aubrey on FIVE MONTHS of bedrest and bans Aubrey from having orgasms.  

Dr. Barnes goes on a run to get away from her past; she runs into a homeless man and punches him in the face. Then she goes and readies up the nursery for her new baby, including a picture of a sonogram that has Aubrey Lewis crossed out and Natalie Barnes written in its place.

With Aubrey out of the way, Dr. Barnes starts following Matt around town. She shows up at his gym, at his job as a script consultant (where she hits on him), and even shows up at his house under of the pretense of checking on Aubrey (but really she is hitting on Aubrey and dropping off a gift with a nanny cam in it). Her plan works and Aubrey starts having sex dreams about her doctor.

In a parking lot Matt gets sexually assaulted in a parking lot by Dr. Barnes, while her biological mom watches on. Dr Barnes and her mom have a tense conversation in the elevator. Dr. Barnes accuses her mom of not standing up for her when her biological father molested her. Her mom says he died a week ago and left some things for Dr. Barnes. Then Dr. Barnes goes to her mom’s hotel room and strangles her in the bathtub?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Then, Dr. Barnes invites Matt to her housewhere she is all sexied up. He can’t resist her and the two have a very long softcore-porn-ish sex scene. (Can we talk about all the tattoos that Matt has? Sooooo many!!!) It is interrupted by the police who come to tell Dr. Barnes that her mom has committed suicide. She thanks the officers and then immediately goes back to sexytime with Matt.

Aubrey is having a mental break down. She is paranoid about Matt being out all the time. She reveals to her friend that she previously had a miscarriage which she named Theodore. She pulls it together for her baby shower that Dr. Barnes shows up for. Matt is very upset and they have a confrontation in the driveway while Aubrey’s sister Janelle looks on. Janelle confronts Dr. Barnes about the suspected affair, where she simply deflects by saying that she is a lesbian. (And then walks away slowly while music plays and she puts on sunglasses.)

Matt then gets a video of him an Dr. Barnes having sex. He confronts her and tells her to stop being crazy. She tells him if he changes doctors, he will regret it. As he leaves, she runs onto the terrace in her bra and panties and is sighted by Janelle who has followed Matt and now has “proof” they are having an affair.

Dr. Barnes follows through on her lesbian claims and hooks up with Matt’s coworker/BFF, Vicky, in a very classy, bubble bath. Then, for some reason, she shows her the sex video of her and Matt and shoots her five times.

Janelle brings Aubrey a book she found about Dr. Barnes that has a picture of Cara. It has a number of her phycologist and they learn that Natalie/Cara was a kidnapped child. They go on the internet to investigate. They find out about her past and Janelle tells Aubrey that she thinks Matt and Dr. Barnes are having an affair. The stress of the possibility makes Aubrey go into labor.

Meanwhile, Matt confronts Dr. Barnes again and she stabs him in the neck with a syringe leaving him incapacitated. Dr. Barnes locks him in her house with her pet rattlesnake and her baby shrine. Matt jumps out of a second story window and is trying to make his way to his wife.

Dr. Barnes takes Matt’s car and heads to the hospital to deliver the baby. She hits Janelle in the face with a crowbar and then goes into the OR and hits the new doctor in the face with a crowbar and beats the shit out of the nurse. She is determined to steal this baby.

Matt makes it to the hospital and his hobbling around on his broken ankle trying to get to the baby. He finally finds a staff member who issues a code red. As she is running away from the police to the roof of the building, Dr. Barnes is singing “Hush little Baby.” (Hahaha, why?!?!) On the roof Matt lies and tells Dr. Barnes that Aubrey is dead and that he wants to raise the baby with her in her beautiful nursery, together like a real family. Dr. Barnes stands on a rickety fire escape and contemplates their life together and remembers her father killing himself. Matt grabs the baby just before the fire escape breaks and she falls to her death.

We get a really brief and random scene of Aubrey and Matt passing off the baby at the end. No resolution. Matt asks if they could do dinner as a family and Aubrey says no, but then changes her mind to maybe… THAT IS THE END OF THIS MOVIE?!?!?!?

Side Note

Not even 5 mins into the movie and we have 6 POC actors. (Even the show within the show had people of color in it.)

Both in the synopsis and on IMBD the doctor is listed as Barnes. However, in the movie she is referred to and seen written as Barnson.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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  1. Shamefully, I love Lifetime movies. Literally watching one (Bad Twin) as I type this comment, lol. I’ve actually seen Evil Doctor, too…love the wine scale you use and totally agree it requires that many glasses to get through, haha.

    I think we definitely have the same taste in “good” TV 🙂

    Thanks for writing!

    Xo Charlene

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