Sorority Stalker (2018 Lifetime)

Sorority Stalker (2018 Lifetime)

Cast: Haley WebbHaley PullosChristel Khalil

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Spa owner, Aya, accidentally bumps into a distraught Taryn, who turns out to be a sorority sister. When Aya learns that Taryn has been dumped by the very guy she just moved to LA to be with, Aya welcomes her into her home and life like any sister would. But Taryn isn’t really her sister. She’s a former foster child who will do anything, even kill, to create the family bond she has desperately wanted her entire life.


A little girl wakes her foster mother up in the middle of the night. She tells her mother that there is smoke in her room. The foster mother desperately sends her foster daughter out the window and parishes in the blaze. While crying over her burned foster mother, the little girl steals a sorority necklace off the body.

Taryn (the little girl is all grown up.) moves to Los Angles and camps outside of a fancy salon with her suitcase. Aya, the salon owner, sees the young girl and is concerned. They get a casual dinner together and realize that they have a lot in common: both only children, both sisters in the same sorority. Ayn invites Taryn to stay with her for the night. They are sorority sisters, after all!

Next, Taryn gets a makeover at the salon and sees a RUDE customer scream at Aya and the receptionist, Deanna. When Taryn runs into the rude customer in a grocery store parking lot, she tampers with her car and takes out her breaks. The rude crashes her car and dies.

Taryn angrily stabs vegetables while Aya gets ready for a date. Then while Aya is in the shower, Taryn messages the date and cancels, leaving Aya all dressed up to get stood up on her date. Aya comes home to a fully cooked meal made by Taryn. Taryn shares her story of trauma with her foster parents, Jack and Sara. Jack was responsible for the fire; he was a drunk and abusive. 

Taryn starts feeling very comfortable in Aya’s house and goes through her things. She finds old photos and tries on Aya’s clothing. She is VERY interested in Aya’s family history. Aya decides to invite her actual biological to meet Taryn. 

Deanna is attacked in a parking lot and is out of commission for a month while she recovers. She is well enough to suggest Taryn fill in for her at the salon. It goes well at first, Taryn makes changes, and Aya loves them. Aya is distracted when an old flame comes into the salon, and they hit it off. Taryn gets jealous.

Aya’s roommate, Vicky, comes home early and displaces Taryn from her room. While removing her things, Vicky finds Deanna’s wallet and knows that Taryn is responsible for the attack and calls Aya. Before she can spill the tea, Taryn kills Vicky. Then she has flashbacks to starting the fire in the house. She killed her foster parents. 

Lauren, a hairstylist, finds Taryn’s boyfriend, Steve, on a dating app, and Aya meets up with him. He warns her that Taryn is a dangerous stalker. They had a one night stand, and Taryn created a whole fake relationship about him and stole his personal information. On her way home, Aya gets a call from Vicky’s boyfriend, who is concerned that his girlfriend is missing. Aya asks Taryn to move out ASAP.

Steve gets ready to take a shower. (AKA he is shirtless.) and is surprised to find Taryn in his bed. He demands she leave and calls her a mistake. Taryn calls him a liar and shoots him. Police tell Aya about the murder. Lauren suspects Taryn immediately. 

Aya does some more digging into Taryn’s background and is the MOST disappointed to learn that Taryn is not a sister of her sorority. There is no NYU chapter. Aya finds Vicky’s body and calls 911. She heads to the salon to meet Lauren but finds Taryn there instead.

Taryn is planning on burning down the salon for insurance money so she can help run Aya’s new fancy salon. It turns out that Aya was Sarah’s sister and Taryn just wants to be a part of the family. Aya knocks Taryn out while screaming, “YOU ARE NOT MY SISTER.” The police come to arrest Taryn, but she escapes from a washroom.

Aya moves on with her life and goes on a date with the handsome man, well the one who didn’t die. Taryn sits on another park bench looking sad and lures a nice old lady as her next victim. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Hairstylist, Lauren, Susan, Vicky,

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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