My Favorite Christmas Melody (2021 Lifetime)

My Favorite Christmas Melody (2021 Lifetime)

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Cast: Mýa, Rainbow Sun Francks

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Olivia (McKinney), a young assistant pastor, gets assigned to be a lead pastor at a new Once a promising singer-songwriter, Abby (Mýa) now finds herself writing uninspired jingles for commercials. As she heads home for the holidays, she’s enlisted by the local high school music teacher to help save the school arts program. In the process, Abby rediscovers her voice and regains the confidence to go after her dreams and lets the possibility of love in too. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Abby Walker performs an original Christmas song at an open mic while someone records her without her knowledge by a pop star named Casey Masey. Casey steals the song, and it becomes a hit. 

Three years later, the song is still following Abby around. She writes jingles for commercials now. Over it, Abby leaves New York and goes home for Christmas. 

Abby’s mom is the principal of a school, and surprise, there is an eligible bachelor/music teacher named Travis. He thinks Abby is a sell-out for writing Christmas jingles. So, they don’t really hit it off. 

The superintendent wants to cut the arts program. Abby’s mom asks her to help fill in with the co-director position for the Christmas recital. If the show isn’t a success, the performing arts center will close. 

Abby sings for the class, and they are all very impressed, even Travis. They want her to sing in the recital, but she declines, wanting to focus on the kids. Abby and Travis have different views on music theory. She is all about letting loose and having fun, and he wants perfection. They argue in front of the class. Travis apologizes later and compliments Abby for chasing her dreams and making a living with music.

Travis and Abby work with the kids during the day and do Christmas activities at night. They decorate the tree, and Travis makes a playlist with the stolen song. (I mean she wrote, the music she should tell him.) Abby gets angry at him for singing along but doesn’t elaborate. Then Travis shares a song he wrote based on some lyrics she wrote. They work on the song together.

A Christmas songwriting montage happens, and Abby shares her past trauma with the stolen song before they submit the new piece to Abby’s former manager. 

Then Travis “betrays” her (Or she thinks he does, the old overhearing a part of a phone conversation and misconstruing.) Abby plans to go back to New York and continue writing jingles. She decides to stay for the kids in the Christmas pageant but is SALTY. Travis is perplexed and tells Abby that she is so bitter about her past she can’t trust anyone.

The band is set to go on, but one student is missing. He is insecure about the performance, and Abby talks him into going on stage. They decide to play the new song, “My Favorite Christmas Melody, ” to really wow the superintendent,” with Abby singing lead vocals. 

Abby gets signed to a label, and Travis is her partner. They celebrate their record deal with a fake staged Christmas kiss. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Abby, Whitney, Brenda, McKayla 

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