Your Boyfriend Is Mine (2022 Lifetime)

Your Boyfriend Is Mine (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Jamie Roy, Eli Jane, Brey Noelle

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Over the objection of his girlfriend, Ben agrees to take a job as the “live in” man servant to a wealthy businesswoman, Amanda, but quickly realizes he has made a deal with the devil, and has put himself and his girlfriend in mortal jeopardy. Jamie Roy, Eli Jane, Brey Noelle star. (2022)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

A beautiful woman named Amanda is getting ready for a party when her boyfriend, Jake, suddenly leaves her. Jake drowns his sorrows at a local bar and is attacked in the parking lot by a comically masked figure. He is literally stabbed in the back. 

Cut to a cute aspiring veterinarian named Ben and his girlfriend Callie. She trusts him implicitly, which means she probably shouldn’t.

Ben, who uses the alias Lance, goes out as some kind of party boy for hire with his friend named Harrison, who is girl crazy. Ben sees a class woman drinking a vodka twist and buys her a drink. He dances robotically with her on the dance floor. That woman is, of course, crazy, Amanda. She offers him a $1000 tip… with strings attached, I’m sure. Ben/Lance tells Amanda to go through his agency and tells Callie about the offer. They laugh it off. 

Amanda isn’t laughing anything off; she hires her brother to be a private detective and find Lance. She orchestrates a run-in at a restaurant and offers to hire him as her “house manager.” for a $100,000.00 salary. The money would set Callie and Ben up for their dream life. Callie is reluctant but agrees.

Ben/Lance shows up on his first day at his job, and Amanda tells him she is “going to take care of him” and “she will take care of him.” Amanda even has him make her dinner and shares that she will be working from home for the next few weeks… TO BE NEAR HIM ALWAYS!

Callie isn’t a fan of the new job and becomes suspicious when Ben starts driving a new car and comes home with an envelope full of $5000 cash.  

Amanda lounges by her hot tub and sexually harasses Ben/Lance. He tries to set some boundaries, and Amanda applauds him for it. Then she fakes a break-in and asks Ben to move in until security installs a new alarm system. (For some reason, this will take a MONTH!) 

Three weeks later, Ben now wears fancy suits and drives a nice car. He buys an engagement ring and is ready to move out now that a new state of the ark security system is up and running. Amanda abuses it instantly and watches Ben undress and hide the engagement in a dresser drawer.

Amanda steals the engagement ring and asks Ben/Lance to join her for an event. She toasts to his new engagement and drugs him. Ben wakes up in his underwear with Amanda in bed. He is sure he didn’t cheat, but Amanda assures him he did. She even took pictures to prove it. Amanda sends the pictures to Callie before he can explain himself. 

Callie is outraged and kicks Ben out of the house he hasn’t been living in for a month. Ben returns to Amanda and tells her that she is pathetic. He promises that he is going to get tested for drugs in his system. Amanda refuses to let him go and even claims that he proposed to her last night, showing him the ring. Ben tries to get it from her hands, and they struggle over the ring. Amanda kicks him down the stairs. 

Ben wakes up chained to a bed and wrapped in bandages. He screams for help, but no one hears him. 

 Callie and Harrison think that it is strange Ben hasn’t come to pick up his belonging. Callie visits Amanda’s house and watches the security footage that shows Ben yelling at Amanda and supposedly getting into his car while wearing a hoodie. 

Realizing that Callie is onto her, Amanda gets her brother to help her again. He livestreams a video of himself at Callie’s house to blackmail Ben into giving Amanda his laptop password. She facetimes from Ben’s computer and forces Ben to talk to Callie and call her off.

The phone call does the opposite, and Callie goes to the police. She invites Ben over for dinner, and Harrison helps prep the meal. They are both attacked by Amanda’s brother. Harrison doesn’t make it. The brother lies to his sister and says he killed them both, but Callie survives and calls the police. 

Ben tries to escape, but Amanda is one step ahead of him. She drugs him again and keeps him tied up until he behaves. The brother doesn’t realize that Amanda is keeping a man captive and becomes upset when he is just a pawn. The brother and sister argue and fight with a gun. The fun goes off and kills the brother. 

Amanda frames Ben for the murder, driving around in Ben’s clothing and impersonating him. 

Detectives come to question Amanda, and Ben watches the security camera while grunting and using his feet to toggle the camera feed remote. (Don’t give away free feet content, Ben! Save it for Only Fans.) 

Callie returns to Amanda’s home and sets off the security system. She searches the house for Ben and is interrupted by Amanda. Who shows Callie Ben tied up. Callie fights for her man and saves the day!

Two months later, Ben finally proposes to Callie with a puppy from the shelter. She happily accepts. 

Meanwhile, Amanda is serving life in prison, and the chicken tenders don’t look half bad! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Bachelorette, Bartender, Detective, 

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