Marrying Father Christmas (2018 Hallmark Movies and Mysteries)


Marrying Father Christmas

Stars: Erin Krakow, Niall Matter, Wendie Malick

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

When Miranda Chester set off to find information on her biological father two Christmases ago, she never imagined that her investigation would lead her to both the family she had always longed for and Ian McAndrickthe love of her life. After her romantic engagement last Christmas, Miranda prepares to marry Ian surrounded by his family, and her new family, the Whitcombs. Her plans are quickly complicated when a mysterious visitor who claims to have ties to her late parents reaches out to her just days before her wedding. While Miranda navigates this new relationship, her late father’s widow, Margaret, forges a surprising romance with a friend from the past.


Miranda is at work in Boston recapping the previous two movies. Christmastime, engagement, and backstory. While planning the wedding and being awesome at her office-decorating job, a mysterious man comes in and asks if she is taking on more clients. The mystery man spots her wedding-planning binder (which is a binder with “My Wedding Day” and a photo of Ian & Miranda on the cover—not hard to spot).

We are back in Carlton Heath, Ian is literally waiting on the front doorstep and being adorable. We get our first kiss of the movie and I am loving this chemistry. Ian and Miranda are getting married on Christmas Day. Why? Because it was her dead mother’s favorite holiday and made her sad, but now all her family loves Christmas, so it makes her happy.

Wendie Malick keeps adding people to the guest list at the wedding, and she offers to change the wedding venue, which is rude…but she is the mother of the bride and technically should be paying for the wedding (she is loaded, don’t forget). Miranda interprets this intrusion as a sign that Wendie Malick accepts her and wants the world to know she is her daughter. Miranda may be the nicest person ever.

While walking around Carlton Heath, Miranda sees her half-brother Peter with THE MYSTERY MAN. Miranda runs over and confronts Peter about it and it turns out the Mystery Man donated a large amount of money to the theater for the Christmas Carol production. They mystery man is also staying at Ian’s mother’s inn.

Miranda confronts the mystery man and it turns out he knew her mother—he even claims to be her uncle. Miranda tells him to leave her alone. He apologizes and says he will be out of her life the next day and he didn’t mean to upset her. Before he goes, Miranda asks him how he heard about her; the internet…Of course!

Wendie Malick has an old actor friend come into town, Tommy. Will they have a love affair? Most likely.

We get the Hallmark Channel equivalent of a Lifetime Movie sex scene: Ian and Miranda dance to “Winter Wonderland” and kiss.

At the wedding-dress fitting we get to see Wendie Malick and Ian’s mom having an awkward relationship. Wendie Malick keeps pushing the new venue. Miranda tries on the wedding dress and the mothers love it. We do not see it though, we’ll have to wait till the end of the movie.

Basket montage happens. Seriously. Miranda and Ian deliver Christmas baskets.

The mystery man sends Miranda a packet of photos of her mother (his sister), and Miranda realizes her mistake and vows to get to the bottom of what happened with her mother and Charles Finley. She goes to Google and types in his name.

At the Christmas tree lighting, Wendie Malick runs into Tommy. She invites him over to her place. Then Miranda and Ian roll into the event as Mr. and Mrs. Clause. The tree lighting is underwhelming and then they go to Wendie Malick’s house for the afterparty. Peter tells Miranda the full name of her mother’s alleged brother because he donated to the theater. Miranda wants to invite him to the wedding, Ian is reluctant to do so.

There is a whole side story about Ian struggling to get his wedding vows right. Every conversation he has is an opportunity to steal their sayings.

Miranda calls her maybe uncle and it turns out that he is a pastor and on holiday break???

Wendie Malick is pushing her opinions on the wedding again, and Miranda tells her what she truly wants. Wendie Malick apologizes for not being more perceptive. Wendie Malick has been more focused on Tommy instead of her family. Tommy isn’t having it, but Wendie Malick gives him the brush off.

Uncle Charles comes back to town and tells Miranda about his relationship with her mother. Turns out they had an argument over the affair her mother was having. After the argument, they never spoke to one another again. Miranda accepts him into her life, invites him to her wedding/Christmas and introduces him to Ian.

It is finally time for the wedding, and I’ve maybe never been more excited for a wedding IN MY LIFE! (Maybe, The Muppet Movie.) The flower girl didn’t throw flowers. Wendie Malick walks Miranda down the aisle. Miranda’s wedding dress is alright. It is time for the vows! Ian gives an amazing speech intercut with clips from the past movies. Miranda does the same. It is sweet. They ride off in a horse-drawn carriage with a sign on the back that says “Just Married.”

The End!

Side Note

Third installment in the Father Christmas movies.

Overall rating

🎄🎄 (2 Christmas Tree)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

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