Sweet Mountain Christmas (2019 Lifetime)

Sweet Mountain Christmas (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Megan Hilty & Marcus Rosner

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Laney Blue’s (played by Megan Hilty) country music career took off, she ditched her not-so-nice hometown for something bigger. While making a quick trip to see her family for the holidays, a blizzard derails her Christmas plans, forcing her to stick around the town — and the people, including a snowplow driver named Robbie (played by Marcus Rosner) — she left behind.  


It’s October. Here we are watching Christmas movies. Welcome! 

We start with stock footage with some Dolly Christmas playing in the background. Megan Hilty plays Laney Blue, who won an American Idol type of show and has a Christmas album. She is from the Smokey Mountains, and her career is on the decline, but she is releasing a new pop album. (She typically writes country songs herself.) Her manager (maybe, boyfriend.) Danny changes Laney’s look for her big show “Santapalooza” in New York on Christmas Eve. 

Laney convinces her manager (maybe boyfriend?) to let her go home for Christmas, but only if she promises to be back in NYC for the show. Laney flies into town and drives her rental car to Baxter Mountain. (While listening to Dolly Parton Christmas.) When she gets into town, Laney sees the old Baxter Mountain Theater (That used to be owned by her dad.) is for sale. Her mom is working on the town Christmas festival while flirting with the town handyman. (George.) She is happy to have her daughter home. (Even if it for less than 24 hours.)

On her way back, Laney hits some snowy weather and gets stuck behind a snowplow. Since she is a “city girl,” Laney honks her horn and drives around the plow. Laney crashes into a snowbank, and a handsome man named Robbie rescues her. Robbie (of course) is her ex. They broke up when he never showed up to her American idol type show finale. He gives her a ride back to her mom’s house because the road has been shut down. Laney is NOT happy and super rude to Robbie.

Damn it if Lifetime didn’t find a way to get a man shirtless in their first Christmas movie. Laney calls Danny. (Who is on the massage table.) She asks him to stall for her while she figures a way out of town. Laney tries to keep a low profile but fails miserably. Everyone in her hometown recognizes her and either wants her signature or hates her. 

Determined to get the roads clear so that she can leave, Laney goes to the mayor’s office. It turns out the mayor is Robbie. He wants Laney to stay in town and help organize the Christmas concert. She is like, clear the road, Dude. Instead of practicing her choreography for her big show, Laney helps her mom unpack some Christmas items. She finds an old composition book full of Lisa Frank stickers and songs she wrote when she was a kid.

Christmas tree shopping happens, and Laney runs into more people from her past. An old high school BFF/Singing partner. (and also Robbie’s sister.) and her starstruck daughters. (The ex-BFF reluctantly invites Laney to dinner. Spoiler Alert: The BFF makes Kafka? Haha! ) Robbie also works at the tree farm and helps Laney transport the tree home. On the way, Laney asks for clarity with their relationship. Instead of talking about their relationship, Robbie tells Laney that the Christmas festival is going to be raising funds to save her dad’s old theater. 

Instead of working on her choreography, Laney spends more time with Robbie. They hand out flyers for the Christmas festival. He convinces her to plan the Christmas concert. Once she gets home and after agreeing to plan the Christmas concert, Laney practices her choreography half-heartedly while sitting on her bed. She gets distracted by her composition book and starts writing songs instead.

Laney practices her choreography, a little harder while signing:

“Tell me, is it all in my head. Is it all in my head, it is all in my head!”

Her mom catches her and judges her for not being herself. She then tells Laney that people in the town think she is fake, and they don’t trust her. Laney vows to prove them wrong. Laney heads down to the local bar (in a cowboy hat for discretion.) She is scouting the local talent but doesn’t keep a low profile when Robbie has the MC announce her and call her up on stage. She invites her ex-BFF on stage with her, and they sing “The First Noel” (Pretty well, actually!) Then she dances with Robbie to some country singing. (Giving me serious Bachelor date vibes.)

 Popcorn fight happens, while Laney is babysitting her ex-BFF’s kids. It turns into a sprinkle and cookie-cutter rhythmic session. (Which I have NEVER seen before.) Laney is so inspired and filled with musical inspiration. She recruits all the musicians in town thanks to Christmas magic. (Or bribery. Yeah, pretty much bribery. She writes the BFF a song and decorates a bluegrass man’s house.) Robbie tells Laney that he is proud of her, and he thinks her dad would be proud too. 

Laney throws a dinner party, where they mostly drink wine. (I’m into this dinner party.) Afterward, Laney and Robbie confirm that they are both single and ALMOST kiss. They are interrupted by Danny Dad Bod, driving up honking his horn. He is determined to get Laney out of town first thing tomorrow morning. Laney has her whole career riding on this show and tells Robbie that she will have to meet up next time she is back in town. He tells her that they probably won’t, and they wish each other a Merry Christmas, and then they kiss by the Christmas tree.

In the limo with Danny Dad Bod, Laney tells him that she needs him to be her friend and not her manager. They turn around. Laney buys the theater and hires Robbie as the architect. (Did I mention that he is an architect in addition to being the mayor/snowplow guy?) Laney sings her newest song, which ISN’T A CHRISTMAS SONG?!?!?!?!?! (Some of the lyrics include “Jumping into the ocean.” and “walking on a tightrope.” 

Then, Laney brings on her BFF, and they sing a Christmas Song with everyone one stage. Laney and Robbie Kiss. Thee end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Reporter, Manager, Personal assistant Beth. (No one actually in the town.)

For it being October, I didn’t hate this! 

Megan Hilty played Dolly Parton’s role in 9 to 5 the musical. I think she may be obsessed. 

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄🎄 (4 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime


  1. Does any 1 know the real name of the last song she sang at the end of the move ? I searched Merry Christmas lets kiss but i cant find it ..

  2. I just finished watching this movie it is absolutely beautiful and every aspect and I loved every song would love to have a CD of this

  3. I have this movie recorded on my dish Whopper and watch it all the time. I would really like to have the sound track to it which includes the one that Megan Hilty (Laney Blu) sings that isn’t a Christmas song. Where can I buy it.

  4. What is the title of the last Christmas song that was sang on the movie. Where can I get a cd of the soundtrack.

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