Picture a Perfect Christmas (2019 Hallmark)

Picture a Perfect Christmas (2019 Hallmark)

Cast: Merritt Patterson and Jon Cor

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

The movie centers around an extreme sports photographer who returns home for the holiday to look after her grandmother and ends up lending a helping hand to a neighbor who needs assistance watching his nephew


San Francisco photographer, Sophie, is in between gigs. She struggles with the work-life balance and has the holiday off to be with family. Her boyfriend, Brandon or Brent, also struggles with the same issue. He gets a gig and will be out of town for Christmas. 

David is looking for a nanny for his nephew. (his brother/Sister in law died in a car crash, and he adopted his son.) He is a very busy man working on the annual report for the board. (He owns his own company.) He is neighbors with Louise, who is Sophie’s grandmother. When Louise falls and gets a hairline fracture, David and his son, Troy, help take care of her… until Sophie arrives.

After talking with her kooky grandmother, Sophie goes over to the neighbor’s house to drop off a hat that the kid left. David mistakes Sophie as a potential interviewee, and rudely conducts an interview. Sophie is confused and annoyed, but she plays it off like it is no big deal. David and her exchange numbers, then she goes on a walk with Troy while taking pictures of him. (They are pretty familiar for people who have just met.) On their walk, Sophie shows Troy the town Christmas Pagent and encourages him to audition for the show. (I predict, child singing at the end of this movie.) 

David won’t let Troy audition because his millennial nanny turned out to be a bust, and he has to bring him to work. When Sophie hears this, she offers to watch Troy, because it is what neighbors do! David is a little reluctant to let a stranger watch his child, but she is a photographer, and at least he can get some free Christmas Card shots! Just in case things are unclear, David and Sophie make it very clear that they are not going to date, and she mentions her boyfriend.    

They are ending spending a lot of time together. David, Sophie, and Troy go to a toy drive and then later a Christmas Tree farm. They are totally not dating, though! Isn’t she also there to help her Grandmother? Sophie is the WORST. 

Now the love obstacles start to arrive. Sophie’s boyfriend arrives in town, and David’s ex-girlfriend, Jodi, shows up. Sophie gets a booking in Switzerland. 

One Love Obstacle Down: Sophie decides to end things with her boyfriend because she wants more than just a life jet setting around the world, taking pictures, and making lots of money. (With her boyfriend, who is also in the same industry. Sounds good to me, can I have that life?) 

David goes on a date with his ex, Jodi. Sophie and her Grandmother bake cookies and talk some trash about the situation. On the date with Jodi, she mentions that she is engaged, and she is going to be a stepmother. Things get awkward when David shoots daggers at her as she forces him to talk about how he is not dating Sophie.

Sophie, David, and Troy go ice skating and talk about how they’ve eliminated their love obstacles, except for Sophie’s pesky J.O.B. 

Sophie’s manager keeps calling her to confirm the details, but she is reluctant to leave.  

Later they slow dance to Doris Day’s version of “Toy Land” #Ad. They almost kiss and then almost kiss again, until Sophie tells him that she will be leaving for work. David tells her she did nothing wrong and walks off in a huff. 

Sophie sits alone and looks at all the pictures she took of David, Troy, and herself. Is she having second thoughts? She emails David the photos but doesn’t her back and gets into her cab, leaving her grandmother who she doesn’t care about, the man she does care about, and a boy whom she is indifferent. (David watches her go through his window like an actual stalker.)

It is the night of the Christmas pageant, and Grandma Louise mentions the email. David and Troy look at the photos, and Troy tells his uncle that he wished for a family for Christmas. Well, Troy gets doesn’t get that (yet), but he does get the lead in the play after another child actor falls ill. 

Sophie changes her mind in the cab ride and comes back to the town pageant. She gets a card from David and Troy and is touched. She finds David outside in the snow and tells him that she loves him and Troy. They kiss and are interrupted by a text from her job. They are willing to push the photoshoot till after Christmas. Sophie, David, and Troy are going to ALL go to Switzerland. 

Unfortunately for us, we have to see Troy in the play. Thankfully without any singing.  

Side Note

Minority Report: David’s co-worker, Ross.

Jon Cor has a mullet, and no one on Twitter would back me up on this.

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Overall rating

🎄(1 Christmas Tree)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

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