Good Morning Christmas! (2020 Hallmark)

Good Morning Christmas! (2020 Hallmark)

Cast: Marc BlucasAlison SweeneyIan Collins

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Erin is planning the town’s Christmas celebration and must win over Kevin in order to get his spruce tree for the celebration.


Melissa and Brian are the hosts of the #1 morning show Bright & Merry. They have great chemistry on camera, but off-air, they are continually bickering. Brian worked behind the scenes to get out of his contract early, blindsiding Melissa, who will now have to find a new co-host. Brian wants to move on. He is a former football player and The Bachelor type show star. Melissa is upset and vents to her sister, Kate. 

The producer, Jennifer, lays out how they will roll out Bright and Merry’s announcement is ending its run. Brian and Melissa will travel to a small town called Mistletoe to host a weeklong series about the town’s Christmas traditions. On the final night, Brian and Melissa will announce the end of the show in PRIMETIME!

Brian and Melissa get to their hotel; everything is decorated beautifully. (Best set decor so far in any 2020 Christmas movie.) They go to dinner together and argue over planning vs. spontaneity. 

Onset, Jennifer hires a new local production assistant named Tyler. He is adorable and eager to learn from the NYC hotshots. Brian and Melissa go live in their studio set up in a barn. They then shoot segments of Christmas traditions around the town. Gingerbread house, a 2-mile three-legged race, Christmas tree lighting, and ice skating. The two argue again but try to keep up appearances. 

Melissa helps a local waitress in town, Lexi, start her career as a chief, and the town hunk, James, start flirting with Melissa. Brian starts to get jealous. 

Brian starts to open up to Melissa about his childhood and why he doesn’t value Christmas traditions. For him, Christmas brings up painful childhood memories of being poor. Christy shows up and ruins the co-host bonding. She isn’t into the Christmas traditions. Christy has arranged for her to do a reality show with Brian. Brian encourages Christy but is hesitant to sign the contract for the show.

Melissa and Brian bake while talking about past relationships. Brian makes a list of the holiday accomplishments that Melissa has helped him achieve. Melissa has made him see Christmas differently. The sparks are flying even without a flour fight. Melissa is starting to realize that she has feelings for Brian. Melissa’s sister Kate encourages her to share her feelings with Brian, even though he has a girlfriend. 

Brian breaks up with Christy and tries to tell Melissa, but she finds out about the new reality show and doesn’t want to talk to him. Melissa storms back to the hotel and gets a Christmas card telling her to meet at 8 pm by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve Eve. James shows up first and steals Brian’s date. Brian is left standing there with a bouquet of flowers.

It is the night of the final taping. Brian and Melissa have gifts for one another. The shady producer turns on their mics and sends the cameramen out to lurk in the bushes, and films them without their consent on live TV. It is a creepy touch that the movie didn’t need. 

Brian makes his grand gesture riding in on a horse-drawn carriage. Brian shares a heartfelt speech that he pre-planned (which is huge!) He tells Melissa that he broke up with Christy and is in love with her. Melissa also has fallen in love with him. They kiss on the carriage, still unaware that they are broadcasting live to the nation. When they finally see the cameras, they laugh. They open their gifts, and it is their Christmas wishes. They both wished for Bright and Merry to continue.  

Side Note

Minority Report: Christy, Tyler, Lexi, Cameraman, 

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄 (3 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Hallmark Crown Media

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