Who Killed Our Father? (2023 Lifetime)


Who Killed Our Father? (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Kirsten Comerford, Devin Cecchetto, Joanne Boland, Sam Ashe Arnold

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After her foster sister dies, Leila takes a DNA test and discovers the identity of her biological father and sister. But when her father is tragically murdered, and Leila travels to meet the sister she never knew, she lands herself in more danger than she ever imagined. Stars Kirsten Comerford, Devin Cecchetto, Joanne Boland (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Leila is driving in the rain when she gets a text from her foster sister Iris, who is in trouble. Lelia calls her boyfriend, Brad, and rushes over to help. When she arrives, she finds Iris dead on the floor, and a twink stands over her body with a knife. He attacks Lelia and the two struggle over the weapon. Lelia stabs him dead, and Brad walks onto the scene. He helps cover up the murders.

Three months later, Leila and Brad’s relationship is on the rocks, so she takes a DNA test for fun (because why not!) She later gets the results and finds she has family she didn’t know about. (Violet and Scott)

Meanwhile, Violet argues with her boyfriend because she suspects him of cheating. Her 40-year-old friend, Hazel, pops in to give her unsolicited advice. (The best kind!) Violet’s parents are busy and don’t have time for her. Nora, Violet’s stepmother, drinks wine and pampers herself. The father, Scott, is absent because he is training for a marathon and working. 

A detective casually tells Nora that her husband was run over while jogging in an apparent hit-and-run. (And by hit and run, I mean someone hit him over the head with a crowbar and ran away.) Violet overhears them and runs away to her 40-year-old friend Hazel’s house. 

When Leila finds out Brad is in trouble for gambling debt and her newfound father was recently murdered, she decides to take some space for herself. (Or time alone to stalk her new sister, Violet.)

Leila decides to introduce herself to Nora and pays her respects. Nora is instantly suspicious and tells Leila that she isn’t in the will. (Damn, Nora! No one asked!) Lelia insists that she just wants to get to know her sister. Nora asks if she can explain things to Violet before they meet. That conversation doesn’t go well! 

While picking out a suit for the funeral, Violet finds a receipt from a jewelry store. Violet wants to find out who killed her father and doesn’t trust the detectives. Violet visits the store and asks for information, but the sales girl keeps the info private. Violet looks through the ledger book and sees a diamond necklace was purchased. 

Leila visits Violet and Nora for dinner. Leila explains that she was hoping for a family and is happy to have found her sister. Violet suspects alternative motives and invites Leila to stay with them until the funeral. (Lelia has been sleeping in her car and avoiding Brad.)

The new sisters bond over trying to solve their father’s murder while they talk in hushed voices. There are multiple boring scenes burning through exposition. Both girls have dead mothers and troubled childhoods. They cry or attempt to.

Brad’s gambling debts catch up to him, and the bookie lurks around Lelia. 

Well, damn! The 40-year-old friend Hazel dies of an apparent suicide. The note on her phone admits to murdering Scott because they were having an affair. Violet finds the body and is horrified. She doesn’t believe the note; it just isn’t adding up for her. Violet decides to break back into the crime scene and steal Hazel’s journal. Leila helps her, of course. (Cause, Sisters!)

Leila gets Hazel’s job, which is apparently taking care of the house and Violet. Leila is thrilled about the opportunity and even more about the money to help Brad pay off his debt. (I guess… she should really ditch Brad. He is holding the murder over Leila as blackmail.)

Maya, the neighbor, has drinks with Leila and gossips. The security camera dings and Leila asks to see the footage. They see Nora’s sister’s car. Could Faith be covering for her sister Nora?

Brad needs more money, so he breaks into Nora’s house to look for Leila. Nora shoots the intruder and kills him. Leila cries and apologizes for not telling them about Brad. Nora offers to pay Brad’s debt herself since she killed him and everything. 

Violet and Leila find a pill bottle that matches the pills that killed Hazel. The name on the bottle is Faith. Lelia talks to Faith about what she is hiding. Faith says she never left the house and didn’t know her pills were at the house; she lost them. Even though Faith was Nora’s alibi, she admits that she fell asleep. It is obvious to Leila that Nora drugged her sister and committed the crime. 

Meanwhile, Violet and Nora meet with a lawyer named Peter for the reading of the will. Peter tells Nora that everything will go to Violet. That pisses her off.

Leila and Violet accuse Nora of killing Scott for the money and Hazel for revenge. Nora says it is a setup but then grabs a knife and runs around the backyard. Faith calls 911 (the only one with some sense!) and tells her sister to stop being such a dramatic murderer. 

Violet gets the keys to the house because it is hers! Leila moves in too. They are both going to go back to school with plans to open a real-estate company as sisters! Then they read a letter to Scott that Violet wrote to help deal with her grief. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Iris, Detective, Brad, Maya, Peter,

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Number of Kills: 

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  1. OK this review was funny. I read all of your stuff. You need somebody to edit for you just to make sure the names are straight and the spelling good. In one review, you called somebody named Leah, Lead. Lead killed somebody so it was actually kind of funny since you know, lead can kill. You’ve got something good here. Sometimes, if they’re going to kill off a best friend in a movie I don’t feel like watching it so I check it out here first.

  2. I loved this review, you are too funny! I started to watch this last night but quit because I need to sleep. Sometimes I watch lifetime movie more because I want to know what happens than the movie/acting being good lol. 🙂

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