Wuthering High School (2015 Lifetime)

Wuthering High School (2015 Lifetime)

Cast: Paloma Kwiatkowski, Sean FlynnFrancesca EastwoodAndrew Jacobs, and James Caan

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

In this modern retelling of Emily Bront‘s classic novel, Cathy Earnshaw is an outcast at her wealthy Malibu high school, where she struggles to cope with her mother’s tragic death. Sadness turns to exhilaration when her father brings in Heath, a troubled kid whose mother, a long-time employee of Mr. Earnshaw, is suddenly deported. Cathy and Heath are irresistibly drawn to each other, desperately filling the voids in each other’s lives. As Cathy’s friends mock the unconventional, arrogant Heath, she feels even further isolated. Finally, Cathy caves to social pressure and breaks up with Heath for a more popular boy. Heath can’t forgive her betrayal, and the two lovers start down a tragic path spurred by jealousy, pride, and their undeniable, consuming passion. Paloma Kwiatkowski, Sean Flynn, Francesca Eastwood, Andrew Jacobs, and James Caan star. (2015)


Cathy is a teen with lots of feelings. Her mother recently died, and she feels like a ghost. She is ostracized by her classmates and her former BFF’s Ellen and Bella. Bella and her brother Eddie are the wealthiest family in town. 

Lee, Cathy’s brother, is coping with the loss by being reckless. He sells drugs, gets into high-speed car chases with cops, and parties a lot. The Earnshaw family dynamic is dysfunctional, and they are all barely hanging on.  

Mr. Earnshaw’s business is responsible for the deportation of immigrants. He feels bad for a kid named Heath, whose mother was deported and takes him in. Heath and his mother used to live with the family, so it isn’t weird. Except for when Cathy and Heath sleep together. He becomes her one confidant. 

Heath stands up for Cathy when Lee is acting like a jerk. The boys get into a fistfight. When they get to school, they are grungy and tattered. The rebellious streak continues, and they tear pages out of books in the middle of class and then make out. They skip school and go skinny dipping at the beach. (Then they make out some more.) 

Cathy and Heath continue to be rebellious, stealing prescription drugs from Lee and getting attacked by dogs. Bella and Eddie find Cathy is bad shape and help take care of her. They clean her up for a masquerade party. Cathy is accepted back into high society and realizes that Eddie loves her. Heath is not accepted into Cathy’s posh life.

Heath overhears Cathy talking to mean girl, Ellen, about how she should be with Eddie and not Heath. 

Mr. Earnshaw dies and leaves everything to Heath. Heath kicks Cathy and Lee out of the house and throws gross skate parties. Heath is also hooking up with Bella. 

Cathy dies from drowning. Heath blames himself. He digs up her grave and cries. Hmmm, okay. This movie. Whatever. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Heath, Francesca, Principal Bell, Mr. Josephs, Zillah,

Previously known as The Wrong Boyfriend

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