The Husband She Met Online (2013 Lifetime)

The Husband She Met Online (2013 Lifetime)

Stars:  Meredith MonroeJason Gray-StanfordDamon RunyanSophie Gendron 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A woman meets a charming and wealthy man who becomes obsessive and controlling.


The movie starts with someone burying a body. Yikes!

Rachel is a beautiful single lady who is over dating. She speed dates with her friend, Laura. They fail the Bechdel test here and only talk about men they’ve dated or would like to date. They work together and still talk about men. Rachel bails on a guy she met online at the last minute. His name is Craig, and he works with his bad boy brother, Ryan, in a fancy downtown office. The brothers work for their mother, who wants Craig to find a woman to marry before inheriting the business. 

Craig is surprisingly understanding and reschedules the date with Rachel. He has a tech friend who hacks girl’s computers and turns on their webcams while they change. (Gross.) The rescheduled date goes well. Rachel and Craig hit it off and talk about weddings. Rachel’s sweet co-worker/ex-boyfriend, John, sees her on a date and tries to ask her for a drink. She turns him down. (Because, hello John, she is on a date!) Rachel goes on another fancy date with Craig and says he is wining and dining her like she is on The Bachelor. 

A Private investigator is looking into the disappearance of a girl named Dominique. Craig used to date her, and the PI suspects foul play. The PI questions Ryan about the relationship and spooks him. Ryan calls Craig, and they make sure their stories are straight. When Craig discovered that Dominique was pregnant, he killed her.

John wears Rachel down, and they grab a coffee. Craig follows Rachel to the cafe and sees her with another man. When Rachel cancels plans with Craig, he gets extremely jealous. He calls his hacker friend to bug Rachel’s computer so he can keep better tabs on her. To get rid of John, Craig lies to his brother and says that John knows they killed Dominique.

Sophie Gendron, Lifetime VIP, plays one of Craig’s ex-girlfriends. She is interviewed by the PI, who thinks Craig is not a good guy. 

Ryan visits John at his home and shoots him. This was very shocking! He steals some belongings, making it look like a robbery. Ryan realizes he has been tricked when he finds a photo of Rachel and John. Then he joins his family at a fancy dinner party. Rachel is in attendance and is a hit with their mother.

When John doesn’t show up for work, Rachel stops by to check on him and finds his body. She calls the police and is relieved when Craig shows up at the scene to comfort her. With John out of the way, Craig and Rachel continue to go on romantic dates. Including a weird and long magician scene. It is an elaborate proposal, but I’ve been waiting! (The title of the movie is the HUSBAND she met online, not the Craig she met online.)

Wedding planning happens, and Rachel is surprised how involved Craig is. He even joins her for a wedding dress and forces her to try on an ugly short wedding dress. He asks her to move in with him and quit her job. It is weird, and Rachel thinks so too. The PI questions Rachel and tells her about Dominique and Craig’s domestic abuse past. Rachel is surprised that Craig could be violent and brings it up to her husband to be. Craig tells her that people slander his family name because they are rich. Craig is short and aggressive with Rachel; she tries to leave to take some space, but he won’t let her. (He handcuffs her to the bed.)

Ryan stops by with the wedding dress, and Rachel screams for help. Craig wants to force Rachel to marry him and leave the country. Ryan says to let Rachel go because they are going to jail because of this, and then he storms off, leaving Craig to deal with this himself.

Craig threatens to kill the dog if Rachel doesn’t go with him and drops the dog off in a field. The best friend calls and senses something is wrong; her fears are confirmed when someone finds the dog walking alone and turns him into the vet. She calls the PIβ€”the PI talks to Ryan, who turns on his brother.

At the courthouse, Rachel (In her ugly wedding dress.) and Craig get married. They even kiss. Can no one tell she is being forced to do this? Police track down Craig’s car, chase him to a private plane, and have shoot out while Rachel screams like a maniac. (Godbless, Meredith Monroe. Have to love her commitment.) 

Rachel and her BFF are walking in the park when a stranger approaches them. The movie would have perfect if they turned him down and continued with their day. Instead, Rachel flirts with the man. (eyeroll.)

Side Note

Minority Report: Waitress.

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2013 Lifetime

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