Something from Tiffany’s (2022 Amazon)

Something from Tiffany’s (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Zoey Deutch, Kendrick Sampson, Shay Mitchell

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Synopsis (via Amazon)

Nothing compares to the magic and excitement of the holidays in New York City, where the streets blaze with lights, windows dazzle and a special box from Tiffany could change the course of a person’s life. Or several lives. Rachel and Gary (Deutch, Nicholson) are happy enough but not quite ready for that big commitment. Ethan and Vanessa (Smith Sampson, Mitchell), the perfect picture, are just about to make it official. When a simple mix-up of gifts causes all of their paths to cross, it sets off a series of twists and unexpected discoveries that lead them where they’re truly meant to be. Because love – like life – is full of surprises in the holiday romance Something from Tiffany’s.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

We begin with a very New York Christmas, obviously. 

At Tiffany’s, LA professor/author Ethan, a dead sexy single father, and his daughter are looking an engagement ring for his girlfriend, Vanessa. A harried man is also in the store. He absentmindedly bumps Daisy as he leaves the store and a car hits him. Ethan rushes to his aid, and Tiffany’s bags get mixed up.

Cut to chef/restaurant owner Rachel Meyer, who is making an anniversary meal for her boyfriend, Gary. Rache’s friend, Terri, stops by to help, but a call comes from the hospital. Gary was the man in the accident, and they tell Rachel that he has a concussion. 

Ethan and Daisy go to the hospital to see what happened. they meet Rachel, who fills them in and invites them to her restaurant. Gary is suffering from some memory loss. 

Rachel finds Tiffany’s bag and thinks that Gary will propose to her. Instead of asking him about it, she spends the day with Ethan, and they have a fabulous time. 

It is time to open presents, and the Tiffany bags are presented to Vanessa and Rachel. Both women are confused. (And so are the guys, TBH.) Since Gary can’t remember buying the ring, he assumes he is going to propose but struggles to come up with the proposal because of the concussion. 

Ethan meets with Rachel for that dinner date, and they have a lovey NYC date; even though they are both dating others, He sees the ring on Rachel’s finger and realizes the mix-up. When Ethan tries to get the ring back, Gary tells him finders keepers. 

Rachel is unaware of all this. She goes to Tiffany’s to learn how to clean the ring. The saleswoman asks how Daisy is, and Rachel understands what happened. She confronts Gary and asks him what the hell is wrong with him. Gary tells Rachel that he still wants to marry her. Rachel breaks it off with him at her engagement party when she realizes Gary is a liar.

Ethan gets his ring back and proposes to Vanessa. She is thrilled and books a reservation at Rachels restaurant to celebrate New Year. She isn’t aware of the ring mix-up. While they are getting ready, Vanessa asks Ethan what he really wants; he tells her that he wants to move to New York and write her book. Vanessa doesn’t want to move back.

Daisy learns about the breakup and tells her dad to make his move with Rachel. He sends flowers to the store, telling Rachel to meet him. The restaurant is so busy that Rachel doesn’t notice the delivery. 

Eventually, Rachel sees the flowers and the note and rushes to Ethan. They kiss and think it is going to be one of those things.

One year later, at the restaurant. Ethan makes a romantic proposal that includes an acapella version of “I Only Have Eyes for You.” Everyone cheers when she says YES! 

Side Note

Is Zoey Deutch only relegated to streaming movies? She is so good but hasn’t had a breakout. What up!?!

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Overall rating

 Christmas Vibes:🎄 (1 Christmas Trees)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine.)

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