Sense, Sensibility, and Snowmen (2019 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)

Sense, Sensibility, and Snowmen (2019 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)

Cast: Erin KrakowLuke Macfarlane, and Kimberley Sustad.

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

The film centers on Christmas enthusiast party planners Ella (Krakow) and her sister, Marianne, who clash with their client, Edward (MacFarlane), who is a not-so-jolly toy company CEO.


Ella and her sister Marianne plan events and get hired to coordinate a charity gala for Edward, who is the new CEO of his father’s company. Nepotism is real, and Edward even has a teddy bear on his desk. (It is a toy company, but come on!) The sisters are both single and practically depicted as spinsters. (It is rude.) 

Ella and Edward don’t hit it off, but he is desperate to hire an event planner to impress his new potential clients who love everything Christmas. He wants a sophisticated event, and she wants the employees to do a choreographed dance? They look at venues, decide on a theme, plan the menu. This movie takes place in Chicago, and except for the stock footage, you would never know. Also, watching someone plan an event is dull!

Ella and Edward watch his executive assistant’s son for the day. They build the snowmen promised in the title and then have a snowball fight. They are starting not to hate eachother. Edward even invites her to have pie and drinks (Water with lemon and lime?) with his potential clients. 

Marianne doesn’t see her sister as a serious business partner. (Probably because Ella makes pouty faces at her all the time.) The sisters get into a fight, and when Edward hears about it, he gives her his business plan template. Marianne is impressed and tells Ella that he is a good influence on her. They cry and hug, but eventually makeup.

Edward is ready to get out of his father’s shadow. He starts implementing some of Ella’s suggestions. For example: Using kids as an indicator for what toys will sell, spending Christmas with his family, and getting in the Christmas spirit. This all leads to Edward landing the client and the party going off without a hitch. (Well, except for when Ella sees Edward kissing his highschool ex-girlfriend and call Ella unsuitable for hiring when someone asks.) 

It is Christmas Day, and Edward shows up to apologize. He tells Ella he isn’t dating his high school girlfriend and that the person he said she was unsuitable to was because the guy was a jerk. Then he shows her his snowman tie, and they kiss. 

Side Note

This movie spent most of the time focused on event planning.

Minority Report: Co-Workers in the office, Charlotte, and her son. 

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Overall rating

🎄 (1 Christmas Tree)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 🍷 (5 glasses of wine required)

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