The Fight That Never Ends (2021 Lifetime)

The Fight That Never Ends (2021 Lifetime)

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Cast: Allen Payne, Christa B. Allen, Robert Ri’chard, Draya Michele, Michole Briana White

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Tensions run high when a Jewish woman and a gang leader fall in love while fighting racial injustice against the backdrop of the Los Angeles 1992 Riots. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

TV show gameshow producer, Joanne, swims in open water to her yacht while Jay runs from the police, who have their guns drawn. They couldn’t be living more different lives. This is Los Angles 1990. 

At work, Joanne’s boss sexually harrases her. In Jail, Jay and his cellmate and I wish they would sexually harass each other. (Sorry, this Prison has a lot of hot shirtless men, and my mind is wandering.) Jay does make friends in Prison tho! 

Joanne takes a meeting with Leon Watkins, who is looking for an event planner. She asks to be a partime intern, but he turns her down, not wanting to be a charity case or a way for her to work off her white guilt. Joanne won’t accept no for an answer and uses her Hollywood connections to make a take Leon’s speeches and events to the next level. Leon welcomes Joanne to “The Fight that Never Ends.”

Jay is released from Jail home to his loving family. He was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, and he took the fall because he didn’t want to snitch. 

Leon, Draya, and Joanne do community outreach in South Central to help get people off drugs and the streets. Jay is one of those people who is deep into the gang violence of the times and wants out. He shows up at their office after getting caught in a gas station drive-by. Leon gives him a loan to get his car out of the impound lot. 

Joanne and Jay start talking on the phone at night for hours. They drive around his neighborhood, and Jay shows her the Bloods and Crip territory. Joanne tries to debate that Racism is over, and Jay tells her a story about Latasha Harlins. Jay explains things about the world to Joanne, and she quotes her father a lot. They also bond over relatives addicted to drugs and the pressures they put on the family.

Leon isn’t excited about Joanne’s new relationship because it could bring gang violence to his office. He warns her not to get involved. Then he runs for city counsel and loses.

Joanne doesn’t take that advice and takes Jay to a work event. They talk about Rythem and Blues. Then they have sexy time. Joanne’s dad disapproves and cuts her off for dating a black man. (WOW!)

Jay wants to call a truce between the bloods and crips. They start the Future N Action Coalition and go on a PR tour to raise awareness. Joanne is by his side, and they work with MLK Jr’s son, Dexter King. The couple suddenly has a son of their own. Then Jay is in a horrible car accident that kills him. (WHAT?!)

Leon is there to pick up the pieces, and Joanne grapples with race and injustices by journaling on the beaches of Malibu

Side Note

Minority Report: Most of the cast includes Black Actors.

Based on a true story

The movie had a lot to include in an hour and a half. Highlighting the fact that “The fight never ends” is essential, I’m not sure this is the proper format to do that in an impactful way. 

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