Deadly Seduction (2021 Lifetime)

Deadly Seduction (2021 Lifetime)

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Cast: Lindsay Hartley, Katie Kelly, Andrew Rogers,

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Maggie and her husband Richard are both college professors and have a daughter, 17-year-old Jenny. Their marriage is falling apart, and when Richard admits to having an affair with a student, they separate. Maggie and best friend Alyssa intend to have a girls’ night out. At the bar meets Kyle, handsome and charming and she revels in his attention. After one too many drinks, they share a passionate night. She is later stunned to see Kyle in her class, who claims to be a fan of her best-selling book on serial killer Cordell Colton. It is only then that we begin to discover Kyle’s shocking secret as he sets out to destroy Maggie’s life and career by framing her husband for murder and seducing her daughter. Lindsay Hartley, Andrew Philip Rogers, and Katie Kelly star. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

 The movie begins in a toolshed (A place I never go!) There are eggs in the toolshed, which I found weird. Even weirder is the girl hogtied on a bed fitted with plastic sheets. A man comes in and tells the woman, Maggie, to look at him while he raises a hammer to strike her. The assault is cut short thanks to a phone call, and Maggie takes the opportunity to untie herself with a saw. She hits the man in the face with a hammer and fights for her freedom screaming for help. She is a survivor of the serial killer Eastville Butcher. 

Flash to grown-up Maggie (Lindsay Hartley), who is now a professor/author who teaches a class about serial killers. Her husband Richard also worked at the university and had an affair with a student, running the relationship. The couple is now separated and keeping the affair from their teenage daughter, Jenny. 

Maggie’s friend, Alyssa, convinces her to go out to blow off some steam with margaritas and man ogling. (The prospects are slim.) That is until a dewy skinned hunk named Kyle shows up. He buys her a round of drinks, and they make small talk, and he knows a lot about her being a victim of a serial killer attack. Maggie makes an abrupt exit when she sees the girl that Richard left her for. Kyle chases after her, and they make out in the parking lot. 

Shirtless hunk alert, Maggie and Kyle get it on and snuggle afterward. Maggie is confused as to why Kyle is living in a hotel. He also has her book by his bedside and asks a lot of questions about the serial killer. Maggie realizes that he is crazy and must have sought her out. Kyle admits to being her student AFTER they had sex. 

The next day, there is a dead possum in Maggie’s car. She is convinced that it is Richard’s girlfriend and confronts the girl in the school parking lot. She tells her to stop calling her in the middle of the night and stalking her. Sara tells Maggie that she shouldn’t be threatening a student and reports Maggie’s conduct.

Maggie tells Richard to have his “bitch back off,” He messages Sara, who is out doing shots with her friends. Drunk and alone, Sarah walks home and is abducted and later found dead on the side of the road. She is hogtied like the Eastville Butcher. A redheaded detective knows what is going on and isn’t happy about it!

Detective Redhead questions Sarah’s college friends, and they spill everything about Richard and Maggie threatening Sara. It is a mess. Maggie thinks that Richard is going to look guilty AF. She yells at him and realizes she needs to tell their daughter, Jenny.

Jenny is upset and calls a boy to comfort her. He doesn’t respond.

Richard drinks in a bar and is confronted by Kyle, who talks shit about his wife to get Richard angry enough to attack him. Kyle presses assault charges and makes Richard look even more guilty. 

Kyle finds Maggie again and wants to know HOW she got away from the serial killer. She tells him that he knows the story, but he wants every gory detail, and if she tells him, he will drop the charges. Maggie agrees, and when she tells him, Kyle gets turned on and asks for a kiss. Maggie makes out with him, and he snaps a picture for blackmail. 

Maggie tracks down the Redhead Detective, who is SAVAGE! (God, I love her.) She reluctantly talks about the case with Maggie. The Redhead Detective next talks with Kyle in his hotel room and asks questions bluntly. She finds Kyle’s research on serial killers, but he gets her before she can reach her gun. Kyle hogties and kills the Redheaded Detective.

Jenny and Kyle have also been dating secretly. This is supposed to be some big twist, but I had that figured out from the get-go. Maggie sure is shocked when she finds them together. Jenny and Maggie argue. Blah, Blah, Blah. Jenny won’t stop seeing Kyle. 

Alyssa and Maggie do some online research and find evidence. They call the Redheaded Detective, but she is dead.

Maggie visits the serial killer in jail, and he tells her that Kyle is his son. 

Jenny and Kyle have some sexy time, and I think he might shave his armpits; that’s where I am with this movie. It is kind of dragging. Maggie interrupts and gets Jenny out of there. She tells Jenny that she also slept with Kyle, and he is the son of a serial killer. Jenny is confused and upset, but Maggie just drops her ass off with Alyssa for safety. (They watch Maggie on surveillance camera.)

Maggie arms her house with Nanny Cam Teddy Bears and invites Kyle over to seduce him. She tells Kyle that he was the distraction that allowed her to get away. He was a sick baby, and his mother took him away to try and keep his father a secret. Kyle killed the family dog, and it upset his mother so much that she killed herself. Kyle incriminates himself and admits to everything on camera. 

Maggie gets into Kyle’s head and calls him a pathetic copycat. Then she grabs a knife and stabs him in the stomach. Kyle grabs a shotgun and chases Maggie back to the college campus because why not. They both lurk around the dark hall of the university. They fight to the death, and Maggie kills him in a final girl way, saying, “I told you not to call me that.” after he calls her something that I can’t discern. 

Richard is released from jail and is reunited with his family. Yay? The serial killer cuts out a news clipping about his son and puts it in his scrapbook. Random. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Alyssa, cop, 

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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

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