Making Spirits Bright (2021 Hallmark)

Making Spirits Bright (2021 Hallmark)

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Cast: Taylor Cole, Carlo Marks

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Exes Lara and Ben compete in a Christmas contest to win money for the charity of their choosing. The city watches them battle and choose what is more important, victory or love.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Grace Ryan is a home stager and works with a bossy girl named Sarah. They are both up for an HGTV style show. Her father owns an antique store. 

Grace finds an unemployed hunk named Tony. She helps him out of the snowbank, and the two seem to know one another. Tony and his sister are the children of prolific decorator parents. They own a family decorating business that is in trouble because of a company called “Glowscapes.” (Run by a goober named Wade.)

Tony and Grace run into one another at the Christmas market. They get along well, even if their fathers are notorious rivals. The dads get into a screaming match over a Christmas lights competition. 

At the town brewery, Tony helps behind the bar and is excited when Grace walks in. She drinks a Manhattan and catches up with Tony. He is a failed hockey player with an MBA and has been recently fired from his job. (Not the most appealing prospect.)  

The decorating competition begins, and the family rivalry is stronger than ever. (Plus, the addition of Wade is adding additional stress.) They decide to team up and take Wade down.  

 Sarah and Grace pitch their TV show, and Grace admits that she feels like Sarah’s sidekick. Grace leaves the meeting to go caroling with Tony and his parents in Italian. 

Later, Sarah apologizes to Grace, and the friends agree to but their friendship first. 

While decorating, Tony’s dad falls off a ladder and is injured. The decorating goes on without him. 

It is the night of the finals, and Wade’s house is a light show, but not very Christmasy. Then the dual family’s house lights turn on, and they aren’t much better.Β Of course, they win and beat Wade/

Tony and Grace kiss.

One year later, the fathers are still working together and Grace’s new show is on the air.

Side Note

Minority Report: Sarah, Henry, Carolers, 

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Overall rating

Christmas Feels

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