Stealing Chanel (2015 Lifetime)

Chanel is a woman…. UGH!

Stealing Chanel (2015 Lifetime)

Cast: Adam LaVorgnaLydia HearstCarol Alt 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A compulsive thief of designer clothing in Manhattan is forced into a brutal rehabilitation program with a frumpy heiress and court-appointed psychologist.


Giorgio has been stealing designer clothes since he was a kid. He throws things in an umbrella, hides clothes underclothes, and removes security tags while shirtless. (Which I don’t hate.) He works with his business partner, Pico, to unload the designer merchandise. He still takes care of his mother.

While at a designer store, a frumpy woman named Chanel knocks over a mannequin, which Giorgio catches and reveals his thieving harness. (Meet cute. Oh, is this a rare Lifetime Romance movie? There is a reason for that.) Chanel is writing a dissertation and wants to do a medical study on WHY Giorgio shoplifts. She offers him $20.000 for one month of unauthorized access to him. She wants to cure him of his shoplifting addiction. He takes a hard pass. The two have a love/hate thing going on. 

Things don’t go according to plan, and Giorgio is arrested for shoplifting. He is given the option to go to rehab or jail. Chanel offers to help him, and he agrees when his cellmate is a little too intense. 

When the two meet up, Giorgio wants to go through her closet. He criticizes her clothing and makes fun of her. Then they have a “sexy” conversation about cashmere, and after that, they actually have sex. (Only to be caught by her wealthy disapproving father.) She runs him through a bunch of therapy sessions. Things like stealing and apologizing, aversion shock therapy, and wearing a sandwich board that reads “shoplifter.” Giorgio also works his “therapy” on her talking about fashion and fabrics. He also has her try on beautiful dresses. More sexy time happens. Chanel’s study is hella compromised. 

Her professor steals Chanel’s study, and she should have seen it coming. Giorgio gets a job in quality control, which turns out to be more organized crime. Both are down and out.

Spring happens and Chanel and Giorgio run into each other in Central Park. They kiss and then Giorgio’s mother interrupts at an attempt at humor. She enters Chanel’s next study focusing on gamblers!

Side Note

Minority Report: Police officer, Picom Dishwasher, 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife. Lifetime Romance is not good.Hallmark has it on lock; lets leave it to them.)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2015 Lifetime

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